Micro fame vs. Broad fame!

Fame is a goal that many people pursue.

Some because they think it will accomplish something within them.

Some as a form of camouflage for their own insecurities.

Some for more valuable purposes like the ability to influence as many people as possible.

Whatever the goal, there are two types of fame you can gain if you invest enough.

The first type of fame is focused fame.

This means that a focused group of people,

usually with a specific focus on a topic (such as entrepreneurship or health),

or within an exclusive community, know you very well.

An example of this would be a well-known doctor for a particular specialization.

The Doctor may not have 100,000 followers on Instagram,

but there will be 5,000 people who know him very well,

respect and appreciate him for the work he does.

This kind of fame is very useful because, recognition comes from the right people and messages,

the information or services that can be provided to this audience have a great effect.

The other type of fame is broad fame.

Wide fame is in fact the acquaintance of the mass with the respective individual or subject.

This means that a very large number of people may know or follow you,

but the depth of knowledge is not so great and the value of knowledge as well.

It is one thing to know someone superficially and something else completely,

to have the right context on the person following.

For a variety of reasons, widespread fame is what is most persecuted.

Wide fame is more appealing and speaks to personal egos, but if we want to have influence,

micro fame is what wins in almost every case.

A doctor talking in front of a room with other doctors,

there will be a much more focused and qualified audience

than a doctor speaking in front of a wide audience.

Making the difference between these types of fame,

it is useful to select which one to follow

even more so.

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