Screws under the table …

For many years in our home,

a bread table could be found, which was used

from time to time to gather and eat together.

The table was very good but there was a problem.

One of her legs was almost broken,

making it difficult to stand up.

For years, it was debated at home when it would be dumped

this table or when a usta was taken to be adjusted.

Being family engaged and super focused at work,

this problem was dragging on day by day, month by month and year by year, without a solution.

One fine day, I’m at home with nothing to do

and I just look at the table attentively.

Being free and willing, I turn the table upside down

to see what the problem really is and what I discover next shocks me

as much as it makes me feel ashamed of myself.

The “broken” leg of the table, in fact, was not broken,

but there was simply a loose screw, which had to be tightened.

Since no one was solving this problem,

for many months and years, he had magnified so much in our minds,

as the only solution we saw, was to throw the tables.

Many things in life happen the same way.

Numerous problems that have been carried over time,

magnify day by day in our minds, making them

much larger than they really are.

From that day on, this message stays with me almost every day,

not to forget, that big problems, often times,

have very simple solutions and…

Just a screw to tighten!

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